5.28% tax increase approved in final Abington school budget for 2024-2025

ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA — According to the final 2024-2025 school budget, Abington residents will pay 5.28 percent more in taxes next year.

The Abington School Board approved a final budget of $199.5 million for the next school year at its June 25 meeting.

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The budget consists of $96.3 million for salaries, $59 million for benefits and $44.2 million for non-salary items.

For residents, the tax increase is just below the 5.3 percent limit set by the state for the first law.

The school tax rate for 2024-2025 is 37.07 per thousand. This means that for every $1,000 of assessed property value, $37.07 in school tax will be levied. The tax rate was set at 35.21 per thousand last year.

The homeowner with an average tax assessment of $141,130 would pay a tax bill of $5,231.69 for the 2024-2025 school year, $262.50 more than last year.

Highlights of the 2024-2025 budget include:

1. $75.2 million for high-quality comprehensive K-12 general education and special education instruction programs, including positions (salaries and wages) dependent on enrollment numbers and program/class configuration.

2. $5.5 million in contracted services for general and special education, the Abington Cyber ​​Education (ACE) program, legal services, required testing and audit services.

3. $2.6 million for general and special education teaching materials, replacement textbooks, and the introduction of new textbooks.

4. $2.9 million in federal funding for instructional support programs (Title *ESSER) and programs for at-risk students (ACCESS).

5. $2.0 million for high school students to attend the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.

6. $1.9 million in funding to support extracurricular academic and athletic programs.

7. $1.8 million for instructional and non-instructional technology support, infrastructure and telecommunications.

8. $2.5 million for charter school fees.

9. $1.1 million for general liability insurance, as well as automobile, governance, national flood, cyber, student sports accident and law enforcement liability insurance.

10. $8.4 million for in-house student transportation services, including contracted student transportation services, including student transportation services to 75 private schools attended by District residents.

11. $3.1 million for utility costs, including electricity, natural gas, heating oil, gasoline and diesel fuel.

12. $2.9 million for facility and transportation services and maintenance and repair needs.

13. $1.1 million for facility services and student transportation equipment and vehicles, including lease payments.

14. $33.1 million for the employer contribution to the Pennsylvania State Public School Employees’ Retirement System.

15. $11.4 million in principal and interest for debt service on municipal bonds issued for the construction of new schools and the renovation of schools and for the implementation of a project under the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA).

16. $18.2 million for district-wide benefits, including medical, dental, life insurance, disability insurance, and tuition reimbursement for teachers.

17. 24.0 million for support functions, including administration, principals, library services, student health services, human resources, business operations, building operations, community services, children’s accounting, and legal and tax services.

18. Contingent costs of $1.9 million for litigation and medical expenses.