Waco ISD’s Camp Read A Lot Combats “Summer Slump”

WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — As summer heats up, the Waco Independent School District is combatting “summer slump” with its innovative Camp Read A Lot program.

This initiative aims to prevent students’ reading skills from declining during the summer holidays and to give young students a good start to the coming school year.

At Dean Highland Elementary School, classrooms are a hive of activity as Camp Read A Lot has begun its classes for incoming first and second graders. From July 8-11 and July 15-18, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., students will complete a comprehensive program that includes both math and reading.

“They are nice and fun,” says Layla Hernandez, a future second-grader and returning camper who is happy with her teachers and the summer program.

She loves reading and enjoys the friendships she makes at Camp Read A Lot. This young lady loves learning and is excited about her second year of school.

The program aims not only to maintain students’ academic engagement but also to compensate for any reading deficits incurred during the summer months.

“This will really help them at the beginning of the school year because it will familiarize them with the things that will happen in the next grade level,” says Kassandra Meza, an educator at Waco ISD.

Each day at Camp Read A Lot is packed with activities, including reading and writing lessons, math practice, lunch meetings, and camp games. This holistic approach not only strengthens academic skills, but also fosters a love of learning among participating students.

Waco ISD educators are passionate about their students’ futures and want to do their best to provide them with a quality education and support.

“I really like seeing the energy that they bring and just who they are. I really love being able to build them up,” Meza said.

The goal of this initiative is to demonstrate Waco ISD’s commitment to educational excellence and to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.

By bridging the gap between school years, programs like these lay the foundation for continued academic growth and higher achievement.

The camp experience is enriched by the opportunity for students from different schools to socialize with their peers, make new friends, and have fun learning in a supportive environment.