“The Bold and the Beautiful” hopes for a new leading actor after the separation from Thomas

Now that Rich and beautiful Hope has once again rejected Thomas’ proposal (read the recap here), it seems that “Thope” is well and truly over. In other words, Annika Noelle will have to get used to working with a new leading man again. She’s been here before, of course, when the show split Hope and Liam to go all Hope and Thomas. And up until then, she and Scott Clifton really had their system down pat.

“There are moments where we’re joking before we jump into something incredibly heavy,” she tells “We’re literally joking seconds before they say ‘action!’ and then, boom, we’re jumping into a very heavy, very dramatic scene.”

“It’s because we work very similarly. When it comes to really heavy material, we need the lightness outside of it to be able to kind of get into it,” she adds, “and we respect each other’s boundaries in doing that. But we always remain professional. It’s just a testament to his talent and our ability to be complete fools and then seconds later fall into a very serious scene.”

Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle

The co-stars discovered the importance of showing each other the funny side of the traumatic storyline in which Liam and Hope believed their daughter Beth had died. “After that, we both realized that it’s best for our mental health to have a little bit of levity outside of those heavy scenes,” Hope explains. “So now we’re somewhat familiar with it and can always jump back in and avoid bringing it home with us.”

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Noelle hasn’t been working with Matthew Atkinson for all that long. Nevertheless, “we have built a great relationship and trust,” she says. “The fun part of the story was that we didn’t know where the journey the writers were taking us on would take us. We both kind of strapped ourselves into the rollercoaster together and said, ‘Here we go!'”

“It was an incredibly slow process, and you have to give them credit for that, because in soap operas sometimes romance gets rushed,” she continues. “The whole thing took years until the kiss in the Colosseum came along.”

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What’s in store for Hope and Tanner Novlan’s Finn? That remains to be seen. But if Hope’s fantasies are to be believed, they’ll be playing doctor soon.

As The Bold and the Beautiful concludes, check out the photo gallery of Hope and Thomas’s whirlwind love affair below.