New art exhibition explores the beauty of the environment and the point of no return – This is Oregon

A mix of literal and symbolic content, Precipice presents us with photographs, collages, paintings and mixed media works by Kit S. Carlton, Ken Hochfeld, Sam Marroquin and Tyler Brumfield. Defined as a “steep rock face or cliff” and “difficult situation”, each work allows us to appreciate the beauty of natural formations and question the impact of plastic consumption on our environment.

This exhibition opens during the Hillsboro Art Walk on Tuesday, August 6th with a reception from 5-8pm at the Walters Cultural Art Center and will be on view through September 13th.

Kit S. Carlton has worked in a variety of media, most recently focusing on textiles and mixed media work. Working in a delicate balance between the realms of digital and analogue design tools, Carlton often allows one process to transform the other.

Ken Hochfeld conveys the pure artistry of rock formations by photographically capturing their textures, shapes, stories and dreams. As an homage to Terry Toedtemeier, this photo series focuses on quiet places in the Pacific Northwest rather than iconic landmarks.

Sam Marroquin examines layers of buildings in her mixed media works. Marroquin’s “Dwellings” series questions history and examines the stories of the underrepresented, exploring the structure of the home as well as the home’s relationship to ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

Tyler Brumfield challenges our understanding of traditional Western photography’s representation and its impact on the Earth. Each landscape work presented by Brumfield uses many layers of single-use plastic, obscuring the original landscape in the same way that single-use plastic has buried our planet’s natural elements.

The Walters Cultural Arts Center is located at 527 E. Main St., on the corner of Northeast 5th Avenue and East Main Street on a one-way street in downtown Hillsboro. Parking is accessible from either Fifth or Sixth Avenue, and Walters is conveniently located just two blocks from the MAX Blue Line. For more information, call 503-615-3485 or visit

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