The best breweries 2024: US Open Beer Championship

(NEXSTAR) — According to the Brewers Association, there are nearly 10,000 craft breweries in the United States, but which is the best?

It’s an Ohio location that the U.S. Open Beer Championship revealed Tuesday when it released its annual winners list. For 2024, judges analyzed more than 9,000 beers from 170 different varieties submitted by breweries from Hawaii to Maine and all places in between.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three beers in each category, including nine types of pale ale, 15 IPAs, five non-alcoholic options, two types of root beer and countless others.

However, only one brewery was named the 2024 Grand National Champion: Third Eye Brewing of Hamilton, Ohio. Third Eye Brewing was also named Brewery of the Year at the 2023 Great American Beer Festival, winning four gold, two silver and two bronze medals. The brewery placed third overall at the 2022 US Open Beer judging panel.

Two other Ohio breweries, Urban Artifact of Cincinnati and Sonder Brewing of Mason, were also named among the best breweries of 2024.

Last year’s Grand National Champion, Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. of Decorah, Iowa, placed eighth in this year’s competition, tied with Feather Falls Brewing Co. of Feather Falls, California.

Breweries from seven states were among the best of 2024 according to the US Open Beer jury:

1. Third Eye Brewing – Ohio
2. Monday Night Brewing – Georgia
3. Sun King Brewery – Indiana
4. OHSO Brewery Gilbert – Arizona
5. Cherry Street Brewpub in Halcyon – Georgia
6. Urban Artifact – Ohio
7. Boulevard Brewing Co. – Missouri
8. Feather Falls Brewing Co. – California
8. Fall of Goliath Brewing Co. – Iowa
9. Sonder Brewing – Ohio
10. Burgeon Beer Co. – California

The full list of medalists can be viewed on the US Open Beer website.

In addition to judging more beers than any other competition in the world, US Open Beer is the only major competition that allows gold medalists from the American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrew Competition to compete. Three homebrewers won medals at this year’s competition: Christopher Burgess of Castle Rock, Colorado, won gold for his i Brutt IPA “Like Falling Off A Bike,” Lucas Orr of San Diego, who received a gold medal for his Strong Scottish Ale “Kilt Dropper,” and Mark Kunzelmann of St. Louis, Missouri, who secured a bronze medal for his Belgian Pale Ale.