Waco SWAT and Special Victims Unit rescue kidnapped woman brutally attacked by boyfriend: affidavit

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Members of the Waco Police Department’s SWAT and Special Victims Unit teams rescued a woman on July 9 who was being brutally attacked and held against her will by her boyfriend, an arrest warrant affidavit states.

Richard Vernard Phillips was arrested at the scene and charged with kidnapping and assault by strangulation. Online jail records show Phillips, who was previously convicted of domestic violence in Harris County, Texas, was already released from the McLennan County Jail on bail. His bail totaled $50,000.

Police were first alerted by a friend of the victim on July 6. The friend told investigators she received a text message of outrage from the victim that included a photo of the victim with physical injuries, including swelling, bruising on her cheeks and jawline, and dried blood on her lips. The injuries were “consistent with an assault,” police wrote in the warrant.

Waco Police also received several calls from other friends and relatives of the victim claiming that the victim was being held against her will by her boyfriend.

A police investigator visited the apartment in the 2400 block of Washington where the victim was allegedly being held. Members of SWAT and the Special Victims Unit were eventually dispatched there after several attempts to speak with the suspect were unsuccessful, the warrant states.

SWAT officers obtained a search warrant, forcibly entered the apartment, rescued the victim and arrested the suspect.

After she was out of danger, the victim told investigators that she was brutally attacked several times between July 6 and July 9. The suspect, identified in the warrant as Phillips, repeatedly punched the woman, kicked her and attempted to strangle her three times, the warrant states.

“The victim had injuries to the face, neck, head, arms, abdomen and legs consistent with the description of events,” the document continues.

The victim further claimed she was held in a bedroom and Phillips attacked her every time she tried to leave the room. She also said that during the time she was held against her will, police officers knocked on the door several times, but Phillips did not open it and put his hands over her mouth to prevent her from calling for help, the document states.

Phillips threatened to kill the woman if she screamed for help, the arrest warrant continues.

Due to his previous conviction, he could face aggravated domestic violence charges, the arrest warrant states.