Oshkosh mental health inmate charged with killing another inmate

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – A Wisconsin Resource Center inmate accused of killing another inmate in May now faces formal criminal charges.

Jumal Lipscomb was charged with first-degree premeditated murder on Tuesday.

On May 21, Oshkosh police responded to a report from the Wisconsin Resource Center that an inmate had attacked another inmate in a courtyard at the facility.

According to a criminal complaint, Lipscomb and another inmate were sitting at a picnic table when Lipscomb suddenly attacked the other inmate, punching and kicking him. The complaint states the victim tried to run away but fell, and Lipscomb continued to kick and pound on the victim’s head.

The attack lasted just over two minutes and ended when several WRC employees came out the door into the yard, the complaint says.

One of the employees stated that he heard Lipscomb say that the victim was plotting against Lipscomb and that Lipscomb needed to protect himself.

According to the complaint, Lipscomb was also recorded saying he was off his medication and was not feeling well. He said, “I haven’t been sleeping. I told you guys this and all I’m getting is melatonin.” As Lipscomb was handcuffed, he said, “The staff here is good. You’re all good.”

The complaint states that investigators spoke with several inmates and staff at WRC who stated that Lipscomb and the victim appeared to have a friendly relationship prior to this incident and were seen eating together, watching television and talking. No one seemed to notice anything that might have prompted the attack.

The criminal complaint also states that several inmates told authorities that Lipscomb was acting strangely on the day of the incident, talking about religion, giving away some items in the days leading up to the incident and shaving his head.

According to the criminal complaint, Lipscomb had requested mental health services from the WRC the day before the incident, stating that he had been “suffering from weeks of sleep deprivation, something to help him cope without becoming a walking dead man.”

The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries but died on June 10. A final autopsy report was not available as of July 4.

Lipscomb is scheduled to appear in court on August 5.