Shasta County District Attorney releases statement Wednesday to dismiss Tyler McCain’s case

Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett met with KRCR’s Mike Mangas on Tuesday to discuss Tyler McCain’s abuse case and the reasons for the dismissal. On Wednesday, she released another statement to inform the public of the reasons behind her decision.

Following the interview, the SCDA published a Facebook post with the comment: “Last night, District Attorney Stephanie A. Bridgett was able to speak live on KRCR with Mike Mangas about the Tyler McCain case. We would like to thank KRCR for allowing her this time to speak.”

In addition, the prosecutor issued a statement expressing her respect for the public’s frustration at the discontinuation of the case and explaining her reasons for this decision.


“I hear the community’s pleas for answers and justice for Nikki Cheng McCain. I share those feelings and frustrations. It is incredible how much our community has rallied together and we fully support your efforts. Unfortunately, some individuals have made inaccurate comments, posted information, and shared information online and to news outlets. False information breeds distrust and disappointment. I assure you that dismissing the domestic violence case at this time is the best course of action as it preserves our ability to reopen the case once Nikki is found or there is sufficient evidence to use her statements in her absence. Both the domestic violence case and the missing persons case are being actively worked by my office as well as the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit is the lead agency in the missing persons investigation.

Significant resources are being devoted to both the missing person’s investigation and the domestic violence case. In my office, we have an Assistant District Attorney in charge of her domestic violence case, a Senior Assistant District Attorney in charge of the missing person’s case, and a Chief Assistant District Attorney overseeing all work being done on both cases. The District Attorney’s Investigations Office has been involved in several operations to find Nikki, and we work closely with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. We also have an attorney in charge of the domestic violence case who worked with Nikki up until her disappearance and continues to work with Nikki’s immediate family in both the domestic violence case and the missing person’s investigation.

We know that Nikki’s disappearance and our decision in the domestic violence case has devastated many of you. I hear your frustration and desire for justice. I assure you that I and everyone in my office share your frustration and desire for justice. Not only in the domestic violence case, but also for her safe return home.”


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