Flint, MI – Car crash reported on I-75 near W Bristol Rd

Flint, MI (July 10, 2024) – Emergency services were called to the scene of a car crash in Implants. The collision occurred on July 9 at around 4:45 p.m.

According to authorities, a car crash occurred on the southbound side of Interstate 75 near West Bristol Road. The incident forced the intersection to be closed as emergency responders were still on the scene. Paramedics briefly treated the injured at the scene before transporting them to local hospitals. The incident is currently under investigation.

Our condolences go out to the injured victims. We hope for their full recovery.

Car accidents in Michigan

Flint, MI – Car crash reported on I-75 near W Bristol RdFlint, MI – Car crash reported on I-75 near W Bristol RdAfter a car accident involving personal injury, people have the opportunity to seek compensation for damages. It is important to note that Michigan has a modified contributory negligence doctrine. Under this law, a person who is more than 50% responsible for their injury may not be able to seek compensation (such as pain and suffering) through legal means.

Michigan’s contributory negligence law allows individuals to recover economic damages (such as medical expenses and lost wages) if another party is found to be at fault for the accident that caused the victim’s injury. The damages awarded are reduced in proportion to the plaintiff’s percentage of fault. This means that if the plaintiff is found to be 20% at fault for the accident, their total compensation will be reduced by 20% to ensure a fair distribution of responsibility.

After a car accident involving personal injury, legal representation is essential. A Flint car accident lawyer who specializes in car accidents can assist you, protect your rights, and seek justice on your behalf. They will ensure you receive fair compensation and provide you with the advice and support you need to put the incident behind you. An experienced attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident, gather evidence, and work with medical experts to accurately assess the extent of your injuries and the long-term impact they may have on your life.

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