Could the Seattle Seahawks look to trade Tyler Lockett at some point during the 2024 season?

Tyler Lockett has been with the Seattle Seahawks since they selected him with the number 69 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

One of the best receivers in franchise history is entering his 10th season with the franchise, and there is reason to believe it may be his last, even though the player has publicly stated that he no longer wants to hear about transfer rumors.

When considering which NFL teams could aggressively act as sellers in the 2024 season, Bleacher Report writer Alex Ballentine suggested that the Seahawks could try to part ways with Lockett at some point this season.

“It certainly doesn’t hurt to stockpile picks when they’re in the market next offseason to replace Geno Smith at quarterback,” Ballentine writes. “If they choose to go that route, they would have a few trade assets that could bring a good return. Tyler Lockett is the most notable. He signed a new contract this offseason, but only has two years left on his contract. A trade this season would free up $14.9 million in salary cap space.”

Lockett is still very valuable and helps the Seahawks win. Last season, he caught 79 passes for 894 yards and five touchdowns. It was the first season since 2017 that Lockett failed to reach 900 yards, in part due to the addition of 2023 first-round pick Jaxon Smith-Njigba to the offense. Plus, he’s on a contract that would be untradeable right now, as a trade would only free up $5 million in salary cap space after his contract is restructured this spring.

Smith-Njigba’s presence is a big reason the Seahawks could part ways with Lockett down the road, and trading him midseason wouldn’t cost nearly as much. With the second-year wide receiver being the future at the position, Lockett will be needed less on offense as he continues to improve his game.

Lockett has tremendous value on and off the field, but the reasons to trade or pass on him remain to be debated. But as long as Seattle is still fighting for a playoff spot, don’t assume that moving him elsewhere is a top priority. If the team is indeed off to a bad start, the door could open for a mini-sales spree.