PECO begins underground pipeline project in Hatboro

HATBORO, PA — PECO will begin installing new underground pipes in the area of ​​Warminster Road between Byberry Road and Tanner Avenue starting Monday, county officials said.

The work will take place Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is expected to be completed by October, officials said.

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This work will be performed by Riggs Distler, a qualified PECO contractor.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Steve Resh of Riggs Distler at 609-519-9794.

PECO has sent notices with this information to all residents affected by this work.

Most of the work will be done outdoors, but to safely connect your property to the new natural gas line, PECO or a PECO contractor must shut off the natural gas service and, after connection, enter the property to turn the equipment back on.

PECO will need access to the natural gas appliances or systems in your home to perform this work and to be able to restore service and relight all appliances later that same day.

At that time, PECO will also relocate all indoor natural gas meters to the outside of the building, to an above-ground location as close as possible to the existing indoor location.

The relocation is necessary for the safety of PECO employees, contractors, customers and communities and is ordered by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Before work begins, the customer’s own facilities on the client’s property must be marked.

Examples of customer-owned facilities include water supplies, sewer lines, septic tanks, underground cables, drain pipes, security lines, private lighting, dog fences, and sprinkler systems.

The work may take place on roads, sidewalks and possibly properties.

PECO will also work closely with local authorities to minimise impacts on traffic and pedestrians.

The affected properties will be rehabilitated, the streets will be resurfaced and all areas will be returned to their original condition.

Anyone with questions and/or wishing to provide additional information should call PECO Work Inquiries at 610-832-6420 or email [email protected].