Hundreds enjoy good atmosphere and good food at “Live at Carriage Town Flint”

FLINT, MI – It was a classic summer family barbecue for the whole neighborhood.

Jeff Skigh presented his second annual “Live at Carriage Town” event on Saturday, June 29, featuring everything you see at a Flint family barbecue and more.

Throughout the historic property at 307 Mason Street, there were vendors, food from The Barbecue House and a makeshift stage for performances by 25 local artists.

Jeff Skigh, who recalled going to family barbecues as a child, said, “I feel like as I got older, that kind of stopped. We always looked to see ‘who’s doing the barbecue,’ but now we’re at that age. It should be up to us to do the barbecues.”

Throughout the entire event, which lasted into the evening hours, there was continuous entertainment from performing artists.

Artists included Baybro, King Cashes, Tay Boogie, YSR Gramz, Figga Da Kid Twicee, Daedae Flint, Velly Beretta, BFF, SixOneSixx, RKSTR Billy, Ace Gabbana, GS Tha Dream, Hakeem, Jae El-Cainen McGhee, Major Motion Boyz, Koolasl, Sway Montoya, Taj, LifenParadise, Taty, RollUpFU and Prod.AwdioJohnson.

In addition to the bouncy castle that was popular with children, there were cornhole boards, a giant Connect Four game, and open grass where the kids played around with a football.

It’s not a barbecue without burgers and hot dogs, provided by Flint-based Andre Smith, owner of The Barbecue House.

Over 300 people ate free burgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches. There were also bags of chips and drinks.

The sellers included several cannabis companies, including Smok Cannabis, LightSkyFarms, Burton Cannabis Co., Dacut and Gramazon.

There were also small local businesses on site, such as Natural Love and BLR Essentials.

Arriana Wallace of Flint is the owner of Natural Love, a company that focuses on health products such as essential oils and sea moss.

“This is the most authentic way to give back to the community,” said Wallace, who was grateful for the event and its positive spirit.

Skigh estimated that 500 people passed by during the event.

“There’s nothing like hometown love,” said Skigh, who plans to hold more events like this in the future. “It’s special when it comes from the cradle.”

As darkness fell and the stage was lit by fairy lights hanging in the trees, Skigh took over as one of the headliners and closed the evening.

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