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Doug Ford blows $1 million on sham education consultations, ignores everything said

Published on May 8, 2019

QUEEN’S PARK — Marit Stiles, Ontario NDP Education critic, said it’s disgusting that the Conservatives would spend almost $1 million on education consultations only to turn around and ignore the concerns of educators, parents and students who have said no to Doug Ford’s harmful classroom cuts.

The Ford Conservatives ran up a provincial tab of $973,000 on their so-called education consultation. The NDP obtained the information through an order paper question.

“It’s absolutely appalling that the Ford Conservatives would blow almost $1 million on sham education consultations only to ignore everything that was said, and plow ahead with their scheme to rip resources out of classrooms,” said Stiles. “How many people consulted asked for fewer teachers and larger class sizes? Educators, parents and students are pleading with them to stop these callous cuts.”

The devastating impacts of Ford’s callous classroom cuts are already being felt. High school students have been forced to re-select their courses, and thousands of teachers have been handed layoff and surplus notices.

“These cuts will mean less one-on-one attention in the classroom for all kids, and fewer course options for students trying to tap into their unique strengths and talents.”

“It’s time for the Conservatives to stop covering their ears and start listening to education workers, parents and students,” said Stiles. “It’s not too late for Doug Ford to do right thing and reverse these harmful cuts before kids return to the classroom in the fall.”