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Government of Ontario

FACT CHECK: NDP Opposition “interest” in COVID-19

QUEEN’S PARK — Today, Ontario’s Minister of Long-term care Merilee Fullerton stated: “We’ve seen the lack of interest in COVID-19 from the Opposition when it first began.”

Yet, when the Official Opposition New Democrats repeatedly asked about COVID-19 readiness throughout February and March, Fullerton indicated that the NDP was raising the issue too often. “I’m a little disappointed that the NDP is trying to play politics,” she said on March 3.

Here’s a little bit of what really happened:

Feb. 5: “NDP urges pause to public health funding cuts as Ontario deals with coronavirus”

Feb. 27: NDP raises COVID-19 preparedness and funding:

March 3: NDP asks about sick days and COVID-19:

March 9: NDP calls for a pause public health cuts due to COVID-19:

March 10: NDP asks about the government’s preparedness to respond to COVID-19:

March 10: NDP asks if Ontario can handle hospital pressures from COVID-19:

March 11: Andrea Horwath and opposition leaders meet with premier on COVID-19 at Horwath’s request:

March 11: Andrea Horwath asks what government’s hospital contingency plans are in response to COVID-19:

“This government’s habit of making stuff up and twisting the facts is exactly why we need an independent public inquiry, and not a government-controlled commission investigating long-term care,” said NDP Long Term Care Critic Teresa Armstrong.