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Ford absent on high hydro bills as families see modest savings from time-of-use pause: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — As a new report shows Ontario families are getting modest relief on their hydro bills after time-of-use electricity pricing was suspended, Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP Energy critic, said Doug Ford is falling miles short on his promise to bring down hydro bills by 12 per cent.

Ford campaigned on bringing down hydro bills by 12 per cent, and rates have moved in the opposition direction, rising by almost two per cent. Between March 24 and May 31, when time-of-use electricity pricing was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the typical residential ratepayer paid about $34 less, according to the Financial Accountability Office in a report released Friday.

“The NDP welcomes any relief for Ontario families on their hydro bills during the COVID-19 pandemic, including suspending time-of-use electricity pricing, but people expected at-least the 12 per cent relief Ford promised and has failed to deliver,” said Tabuns. “Instead of hitting the brakes on hydro bills that skyrocketed out of control when the Liberals were in government, Ford has let them climb almost two per cent higher.  

“Doug Ford talked a big game, but his words don’t match his actions on the hydro file. Ontario families can’t afford to wait any longer — they need a plan to fix the expensive, broken hydro system in Ontario.”