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Ford throws away $1 million on report propping up his idea to invite profit into public health care

Published on June 27, 2019

QUEEN’S PARK — France Gélinas, Ontario NDP Health critic, released the following statement in response to the Premier’s Council on Improving Health Care and Ending Hallway Medicine’s latest report:

“This report shows that Doug Ford is spending $1 million for Dr Rueben Devlin to put forward health care recommendations to match what the Ford government has already decided to do. Recommendation 8, which encourages ‘financial incentives’ for health care providers, is particularly troubling. This and many other parts of the report sounds a lot like for-profit care.

We believe people, not money, should drive health care decisions. And we believe the province should be funding health care based on people’s need, not less or more than that. That means the province certainly shouldn’t be writing cheques that pad the profit margins of for-profit corporations.”