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Mamakwa calls on Doug Ford to take action to help North Spirit Lake

Published on October 30, 2019

Mamakwa calls on Doug Ford to take action to help North Spirit Lake


QUEEN’S PARK -  Kiiwetinoong NDP MPP, Sol Mamakwa, called on Doug Ford to help North Spirit Lake First Nation during question period on Tuesday.


The community declared a state of emergency last Thursday, but help has yet to arrive.


“The community has been devastated by a breakdown in its most important infrastructure,” said Mamakwa.


“They have suffered over the past two years without essential services such as power and running water.  Their sewage system repeatedly backs up into the community due to faulty pipes and pumps.


“Will the government continue to stand by and use the excuse of jurisdiction to avoid stepping forward and helping North Spirit Lake?”


Mamakwa visited North Spirit Lake and said the community told him about the social breakdown that occurs when basic human needs are not being met.


“Teachers and nurses have been forced to leave the community because of a lack of basic services needed in facilities to do their jobs,” said Mamakwa.


“They are experiencing an addiction epidemic and need help. The children are experiencing trauma as a result of this and need help.”


Mamakwa told Ford not to forsake the small Far North community in their time of need.


“The community has said that just because they are small, it’s not right to be ignored and neglected,” said Mamakwa.


Doug Ford passed on Mamakwa’s questions to the Minister of Indigenous Affairs.  Mamakwa said the minister’s response was misleading.  The Ford government has not placed people on the ground to help in North Spirit Lake.


“While the community is thankful for the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre’s assistance, coordinating these calls is not the same thing as leading a crisis response,” said Mamakwa.