Laura Mae Lindo MPP, Kitchener Centre

Government of Ontario

We need legislation that protects all renters - now.

Published on April 1, 2020

Premier Doug Ford told renters if they have to choose between groceries and rent, they should choose groceries. Except he hasn’t made it illegal to evict tenants during this crisis.

People are struggling. We’ve heard a lot of talk, but no provincial support for individuals and small businesses with rent due today.

People are increasingly stressed and worried. The stories pouring into my local office in Kitchener are heartbreaking.

Employment Insurance payments won’t come quick enough for many who have lost their jobs. People are dipping into their RRSPs to survive. Small business owners can’t afford rent on commercial units.

It’s time for elected MPPs of all political stripes to hold each other accountable. It’s our job to work together to make life better for your family. We need to listen, and act.

I want Mr. Ford to know that the time for talk that isn’t followed by action, is over. We need legislation that protects all renters, now. No renter – residential or commercial – should face eviction or the crushing weight of mounting rent during this pandemic.

Let’s demand a complete legal ban on evictions, lock-outs and disconnections for residential and business tenants now, an 80% rent subsidy and legislation to support renters be passed without delay.


Laura Mae