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Ford is pushing to give major polluters a pass: NDP

Published on November 1, 2019

Ford is pushing to give major polluters a pass: NDP


QUEEN’S PARK — NDP critic for the Environment, Ian Arthur, released the following statement regarding the Ford government’s attempt to make it cheaper for industry to pollute in Ontario:


“Ontarians are worried about the environment, and worried that future generations are going to inherit a more polluted province.


The Ford government’s new environmental plan will make it cheaper for companies to pollute. The Conservatives have proposed giving industry a cheaper pass when it comes to dumping sewage in our water, using toxic pesticides and polluting the air.


The Ford government has proposed eliminating an existing $100,000-per-day penalty for environmental polluters and replacing it with a one-off fine of $10,000. Further, the government is pushing to cap environmental fines at an overall maximum of $200,000.  


That means a company dumping toxic waste into a lake for 10 days will be fined $200,000, instead of $1 million.


For big companies, these fines are so insignificant that they will simply be incorporated into the cost of doing business.


Doug Ford has cancelled cap-and-trade and multiple energy conservation programs. He’s slashed Conservation Authorities. Now, he’s trying to give polluters a pass.


Ontarians deserve a government that penalizes pollution and takes seriously the devastating impacts of climate change.”