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Independent report confirms Doug Ford has no plan for working parents who need childcare

Published on September 24, 2019

QUEEN’S PARK -- NDP Childcare critic Doly Begum says a new report by Ontario’s independent Financial Accountability Office (FAO) proves that Doug Ford’s tax schemes are no replacement for affordable and reliable childcare.


“Today’s report confirms what working parents already knew, that Doug Ford’s tax schemes are no replacement for affordable and reliable childcare,” said Begum. “If Doug Ford is remotely serious about helping parents, he could start today by reversing his reckless cuts to childcare.”


In a report released today, the FAO found that Doug Ford’s childcare tax credit will deliver far less support than promised, will provide less support to low-income families that need it the most, will cost the government more than initially promised, and will leave women unable to enter the workforce.


The report finds:


•   Families will not receive anything close to the benefits the government promised. Only 0.1% of families will receive the much-touted maximum benefit. Recipients will only receive an average benefit of $1,300. Ontario families will continue to pay some of the highest childcare costs in Canada (currently, childcare costs in Ontario are $12,800, on average).

•   Only 3% of the benefits will go to families earning incomes below $21,400. These families will continue to struggle to get ahead.

•   Ontario will remain well below the national average in terms of women’s participation in the workforce. The FAO notes that provinces like Quebec, which have affordable childcare, are much more effective at ensuring women can return to work.

•  Quebec’s public childcare system continues to show what is needed to reduce childcare costs and boost labour participation.