Laura Mae Lindo MPP, Kitchener Centre

Government of Ontario

Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate and Black Youth Action plan needs government support: NDP

Published on November 14, 2018

QUEEN’S PARK - Laura Mae Lindo, the NDP’s Anti-Racism critic released the following statement following question period on Wednesday when she called on the Ford government to support the province’s Black Youth Action Plan and the Anti-Racism Directorate with funding and resources.

“Ontario’s Black Youth Action Plan was a commitment, and investment, in Black children, Black youth and their families.

Funding meant enhanced youth outreach by youth workers who received anti-racism training, in order to better support youth experiencing trauma or mental health challenges.

Black youth and their families would also be connected with community-based services and resources as well as provided with culturally appropriate mentorship.

To date, the Ford government has not made combatting systemic anti-Black racism a priority and has instead relied on pre-written scripts to evade talking about real action.

This government should be continuing the funding for the Black Youth Action Plan. Anti-racism efforts need to get much stronger in Ontario — not weaker.

Not talking about systemic and institutionalized racism, does not make it go away.

The Anti-Racism Directorate is something the Ontario NDP has long been advocating for. It’s one commitment to building a more inclusive society, and it’s a commitment to identifying, addressing and preventing systemic racism in government policy, legislation, programs and services.

It is estimated that the racialized population in Ontario will be 48 per cent by 2036, which means the Anti-Racism Directorate is imperative to support the needs of our increasingly diverse population.

This government needs to provide the Anti-Racism Directorate with adequate resources to do its job.”