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May 7, 2019

Cuts to Kitchener-Waterloo tech innovator will hurt our economy

KITCHENER-WATERLOO — NDP Official Opposition critic for Jobs, Employment, Research and Innovation Catherine Fife (Waterloo) and area NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo (Kitchener Centre) released the followin... More
May 6, 2019

Horwath forces a vote on Ford's Public Health cuts

QUEEN’S PARK — Before Doug Ford’s deep cuts to Public Health units take effect, Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will force the legislative assembly to vote on those cuts. Horwath will... More
April 5, 2019

Conservatives vote against two-way, all-day GO to Kitchener-Waterloo

QUEEN’S PARK—Kitchener Centre NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo released the following statement after the Conservatives voted against her motion calling for a clear plan to deliver two-way, all-day GO train... More
April 3, 2019

NDP fights back against 54 teacher layoffs in Guelph

QUEEN’S PARK — In question period at the legislature today, NDP MPP for Kitchener Centre, Laura Mae Lindo, said the Ford government’s attack on education is a raw deal for students and teachers in ... More
April 2, 2019

Kitchener NDP MPP pushes for two-way, all-day GO service along Kitchener corridor

Laura Mae Lindo describes GO bus commute to highlight need for expanded rail service KITCHENER — Local Kitchener Centre NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo is pushing the Ford Conservatives for a plan to de... More
March 12, 2019

Ford government must reverse cuts and invest in diversity and inclusion: NDP

KITCHENER – NDP MPP for Kitchener Centre and Official Opposition Critic for Anti-Racism, Citizenship and Immigration Laura Mae Lindo released the following statement in response to news that Harmon... More
February 19, 2019

NDP calls for action on Ottawa police report recommendations

OTTAWA — NDP MPP for Ottawa Centre, Joel Harden, and NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo (Kitchener Centre), the Official Opposition’s Anti-Racism critic, released the following statement in response to an int... More
January 30, 2019

Ford’s Peterson meeting raises concerns about fate of human rights commission

QUEEN’S PARK — Laura Mae Lindo, Ontario NDP Anti-Racism critic, said the recent revelation that Doug Ford quietly met with Jordan Peterson is raising concerns about the fate of the human rights com... More
January 18, 2019

Grand River hospital already crowded, understaffed, as cuts come to Kitchener Waterloo

Kitchener Centre NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo said that decades of Liberal hospital cuts, and even deeper cuts being threatened by Doug Ford, are the cause of Grand River Hospital being forced to fire 5... More
December 18, 2018

Waterloo Region NDP MPPs applaud partial victory, but say residents deserve better than 25 per cent GO transit increase

NDP MPPs Catherine Fife (Waterloo) and Laura Mae Lindo (Kitchener Centre) released the following statement in response to news that GO Transit train service to Waterloo will increase by 25 per cent... More